Friday, April 19, 2013

Welcome to Bangkok (Thailand) :)

My dear visitors,
I am a host for
I created this page, to make life much easier for me, the host, and for you, the guest(s) :)
1) please read the rules first.(updated 27 July 2013)
2) who am I(updated 27 July 2013)
3) what do I offer the surfers? (updated 27 July 2013)
4) "public" transportation in Bangkok and beyond.(updated 27 July 2013)
5) what to see in the Greater Bangkok Area?(updated 27 July 2013)
6) Thai climate.
7) previous surfers at my place (Update 27June 2013).
8) who is for me the Ideal CouchSurfer (ICS)?(updated 14 May 2013)
Please check this blog weekly, as I will add information at least twice a week.
This site will grow with time: you will find more info about Bangkok and Thailand, and also about my hosting experience.